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LADWP with net solar

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:07 am
by thankyouOB
Has anyone in the LADWP utility service area found out fromLADWP what the options are for installing a EVSE when you already have a TOU (time--of-use meter), PV solar and net metering?
If you dont have PV Solar and net metering with TOU their website only shows options for non-PV solar, and it is very unclear what happens for PV solar houses.

There have been several issues for net metering for PV solar customers:
-must you get a second TOU for the EV circuit?
-if you must, do you pay a second $8 monthly service fee for your second TOU?
-are you eligible for the option of just accepting 350 to 500 kWh at a reduced rate base power; 2.5 cents off the standard rate/per month -- and not going for the separate TOU meter for the EVSE circuit?

Re: LADWP with net solar

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:22 pm
by palocat
I went through the process in December- DWP and LA Building and Safety were both just figuring things out. I was required to have a separate line drop for my dedicated EV Circuit to get the 2.5 cent discount with a second TOU meter. With your PV system, you are not allowed the reduced base rate unfortunately. I do not know about the $8 but you are going to want to do the math because the 2.5 cent discount will take a real long time to equal the cost if ever as in my case. Another thing to consider is that Building and Safety is going to want the second line drop to be near your other meter for safety reasons. They do not want service workers thinking that they have cut the power when there is another live wire at the property. Depending on your set up, your meter may not be anywhere near your garage so that adds to the wiring costs. Also, I was required to install two large disconnect switches, one at the meter and one at the EVSE because the new line drop routes through a socket box not a breaker. It all just adds to the cost. DWP and Building and Safety both are very helpful but you may have to make sure that they are on the same page because each seems to have different hot buttons. (I don't look at this site very often so I apologize if I do not reply quickly to a follow up question) Good Luck

Re: LADWP with net solar

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:03 am
by thankyouOB
thanks for the update, palocat.
I agree that the 2.5-cent discount is less advantageous than just adding the circuit to my TOU use.

here is what i found out yesterday, which explains the confusing LADWP website
options for net meter customers.

-You can stay with one TOU meter and get no discount for EV use
-You can separate meter the charger circuit and get 2.5 cents off base-
rate charging for that circuit.
there is no minimum or service fee for the second circuit.
BUT you cannot offset that service with money from the kWh bank or
from the solar generation from your main service.

they dont want you to "double-dip" on the benefits.

Also, you must install the second TOU yourself.