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Adding CCS after removing J1772 port.

Thu Apr 25, 2019 8:08 pm

The idea here is to replace the J1772 level 2 charge cable with a CCS Combo 1 charge port (like this: ... 34a36YA3tz) and add a OEM charger from another car and make it work with all Leaf generations. With the CCS port we would keep the level 2 charging but run it though the new extra charger while keeping the Chademo charger as usual so that the car could charge with J1772, CCS, and Chademo. Any CCS car charger might work, but making it work is the real question. For example an OEM charger and port from a Chevy Bolt might work. A "black box" might be needed as to translate values from the Leaf CAN bus to the charger and vice versa. Note that I am not suggesting that "we reinvent the wheel" but more like "make a new use of the wheel" with the charger being the "wheel" allowing us to use the added CCS charge port. Getting this to work would allow Chademo to go to the wayside. Similarly, someone on a Bolt discussion forum might want to go the other way (use a Leaf charger to add a hidden Chademo port to a Bolt in case CCS goes to the wayside). Note that while I am starting this idea, I hope some one else completes it because of my lack of skills.

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Re: Adding CCS after removing J1772 port.

Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:23 am

Complete waste of time and $ at this point, if you ask me. Get a vehicle w/the inlets matching infrastructure in your area.

There isn't physical room on a gen 1 Leaf w/CHAdeMO under the charging door for the 2 extra pins. I guess you could do it on a Leaf w/no CHAdeMO and have the J1772 inlet w/SAE Combo sideways for room. Or, you could add the SAE Combo inlet somewhere else like under the hood ala JdeMO ( ... MORav4.htm).

I think you misunderstand where the charger is. For DC charging, the charger is outside the car. The car's on-board charger is bypassed.

CHAdeMO uses CAN protocol. CCS uses GreenPHY, so someone needs to emulate/spoof a car talking that. And, you'd need more high voltage lines running to the same place where the CHAdeMO inlet ultimately connects to.

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Re: Adding CCS after removing J1772 port.

Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:24 am

reddwarf2956 wrote:I hope some one else completes it because of my lack of skills.
That, and a basic misunderstanding of the electric, electronics and programming involved.
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