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Re: Level II EVSEs at Costco

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 1:42 pm
by SageBrush
wmcbrine wrote:
countryleaf wrote:... the JuiceBox is a 40 amp/10kW charger. Since the new Leaf's have a 6.6kW charger on board, how can 10kW be advantageous?
It can't. The only advantage might be future-proofing.

But neither is it disadvantageous. It's not like they sell a cheaper, lower-rated JuiceBox.* :) The car will draw 6.6kW, and that's fine. Maybe if your friend comes over in his Chevy Bolt, he can charge at 7.2kW. And your other friend can charge her Tesla Model 3 at 10kW. (This is assuming that you've sized the circuit for a full continuous 10kW.) But, if it never goes above 6.6kW, it won't complain.

* (They do, but not at Costco. The 40A unit at Costco is the same price as the 32A unit at
And it has components rated for 10 kW. That might translate to a longer life.