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Re: Drive The ARC (DTA) and EVgo

Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:27 am

Today, while charging for free thanks to a special promo ticket, I saw a Model X pull up and charge using CHAdeMO. He arrived with 16% SoC and could see his rate was around 40 to 42 kW. I'm guessing he either had a special free promo ticket from filling out a survey or was taking advantage of the 75% discount promo ticket that was going on for that time block.

There are at least two folks in the Bay Area over on TMC who use their CHAdeMO adapter on a regular basis, one of which had his adapter pay for itself thanks to free DTA juice.

I had to leave and later returned. I saw a Clarity BEV charging. At one point, I noticed he was up to 92% SoC and he charging rate was at a pretty high 27 kW. I think when I saw it at about mid-50%, he was maybe at 37 or 38 kW, which isn't that impressive. Near the end, I saw him at 99% and he was down to 4 kW and near his 45 minute session limit.

One bummer is that the site closest to me used to have two DC FCs and both could be used for DTA. Once the "congestion" charges began and they started giving variable discounts, one became free by reservation only (not a big problem, I tried) and the other could use the variable discount tickets. I'm guessing that was a mistake as the reservation station is now removed from the DTA app. :( Only one station of the two can be used w/DTA... which is a bummer as that means if I go there and it's down/broken, oh well. I'm not paying full EVgo prices.

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