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Re: Eaton L2 charging station software problem for '13 Leafs

Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:30 pm

I have the same problem at the charger in Buncombe County. Also in Haywood County at Haywood Community College the charger does the same thing. My leaf is also a 2013. If I fiddle with it a little, can get it to work. Need to play with the button under the blinking red light on the charger. However, sometimes it will trip the breaker. If this happens I ask the people in the book store at the college to flip the breaker. ( charger is an Eaton).

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Re: Eaton L2 charging station software problem for '13 Leafs

Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:12 pm

Also have this problem with Eaton EVSE and the 6.6kW onboard charger in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

First - there is a workaround to get it to charge. The Giant Eagle Market District Grocery store EVSE units both have this problem and I’ve been able to successfully charge by clicking on the reset button above the error symbol (read circle) multiple times, basically click if you get the red circle then wait a few seconds and click again. It usually takes about 3-10 clicks. The Leaf will beep after a “successful” click, that’s a good sign, but the red circle will still appear, at that point just click once more and it will start charging right away, very annoying. Occasionally after clicking several times, a red wrench icon will appear and at that point there’s nothing you can do, you can report it to the store but all they will do is call somebody to have it fixed within a few days.

Here is some additional info that another Leaf owner compiled on this issue:" onclick=";return false;

This can be permanently fixed at the with a firmware update on the Eaton EVSEs. The problem is that these units are typically maintained by a third party and it's a big hassle to get them to first understand the problem, and then get them to fix it. From my experience the grocery store managers rarely care as to whether these units are working.

Carnegie Mellon University has an Electric Car Garage (" onclick=";return false;) and all their EVSEs were Eaton chargers and had this problem. After several calls between the Garage manager, Eaton and the 3rd party company that services the units they eventually upgraded the firmware and problem solved! But it took several weeks to get there and the difference was thad the garage manager did care about this problem

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Re: Eaton L2 charging station software problem for '13 Leafs

Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:36 pm

We updated the software on our '13 Leaf, and were told that should fix the problem. We should swing by the last place we had the problem (downtown Raleigh, Nash Square) to confirm. We were also told that if we encounter the problem again, to return the cord to the charger, power cycle the car three times, and try again. This is a general Nissan trick that solves other issues across the Nissan line (obviously for ICE vehicles, it involves turning the key rather than pressing the button).

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