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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:51 pm

I had a similar thing happen where I work.

Find a sponsor (someone in upper management who is friendly to the idea of charging at work) or speak with the manager who gave you permission in the first place, and then with that person, attempt to address their concerns through the proper channels (typically HR). They are usually:

1) Safety. This can be resolved with a $15 GFCI and a $15 'while in use' box. If maintenance can't do it, a licensed contractor probably would for less than $100. Offer to pay for it.

2) Cost. This can be resolved by offering to pay for whatever electricity you use. Speak with someone from AP and ask them what they are paying per kWh for electricity, then offer to connect a Kill-a-Watt, and pay per kWh. It will be pennies per day.

3) Preferential treatment. This happens all the time in workplaces. If they truly value you as an employee, they won't make a big deal about this. Also, offering to pay for the plug and electricity will eliminate this concern entirely.
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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:28 pm

LeftieBiker wrote:New York, while often viewed by people in other states as a "Blue" state, is actually "Purple", with more conservative folks occupying most of the land area, and the Liberals concentrated in a few large cities.
That is very true as red versus blue states is in reality almost everywhere rural vs. urban. However college campuses, even in very conservative areas, lean left. I agree with other poster who encouraged you to go to the dept. head / dean and say - I can finish the semester, but if you can't find me a way to charge here (at my expense) I can't work here. If you are willing to work for adjunct pay, there is no end to the number of universities that will want you.
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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:31 pm

Sorry for your experience. Just be glad you had all the approvals and were proactive. Thanks for being such a good steward of electrification. There is always that "one" person who will be a jerk. I've pretty much given up here in the rural red. They allow RVs to charge, maybe head bolt heaters on gas vehicles (in the super cold areas), but try to plug in an EV and the whole world will come down. Just for fun, if you want to find out who caused the ruckus, arrive early and park very close to the receptacle like you're trying to hide something, and then set up a video camera (or just hang out watching from a remote location).

Edit: Here are the consequences of not obtaining permission: http://insideevs.com/tag/ev-steals-electricity/
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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:18 pm

Reddy. Nope. not even close. that had nothing to do with not obtaining permission.

it had everything to do with he was ALREADY BANNED from being on the premisses (nothing to do with his leaf)

AND was a "douchnozzle" to the cops.

so they decided OK we are going to have fun with you if you want to be a dick.

had he eaten some humble pie shut his damned pie hole and said I am sorry. I know I should not be here I will leave immediately I am very sorry. NOTHING would have happened.

but no. he had to go and be a dick. trust me that had NOTHING to do with stolen electricity and everything to do with him being a dick to some cops and the cops deciding how can we teach this guy a lesson in humility.
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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:30 pm

Arguably, didn't the person who unplugged you break a/the law? If so, not only are you not wrong to be angry, but you might be able to file a case and possibly press charges. (No?)

Even if they didn't break a law though, I don't think you're wrong to be angry. And I can't believe that a college can not or will not make arrangements for you to charge safely and securely for however many days per week that you visit. First, electricity is cheap (I think people have an exaggerated sense of its cost or how much the car "draws"), and second, you'd be paying for it!
I think I just felt my paradigm shift.

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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:58 pm

You probably got caught up in the bureaucratic mess involved in running a large place like that.

So someone made a decision that you can't plug in and at the same time wanted to make sure that the outlet doesn't get used anymore. They send security to tell you that you can't use it anymore but don't have to move it and at the same time they get maintenance to put a lock on the outlet. Since maintenance and security aren't working together, and probably have no idea that each has been told one thing the message you get from them is only related to what you have to do from now on, ie don't use it again and you don't have to move it today. Maintenance has been told you were told not to use it then they find out that you're plugged in when they get there to put a lock on. Can you blame them for unplugging you to do their job? They have been told to put a lock on and that you have been told not to use it so they unplug you and put a lock on.

Can you blame the person directing the 2 people? If they think it's just like any other electrical device if it's plugged in you can unplug it anytime. They might have thought they were doing you a favour by not making you go unplug it yourself and letting you stay that way until maintenance got there.

You shouldn't focus on how they proceeded after making that decision but focus on the fact that they made the wrong decision.
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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:34 pm

johnrhansen wrote:I think the person who unplugged you was probably the same person who complained to security about it.

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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Tue May 07, 2019 8:08 am

desiv wrote:
I'd look for someone driving a really big pickup truck.. ;-) :-) Kidding about that.. (although..)

Just don't be too frustrated / angry.. Not worth it in the long run..

Just wanted to vent/rant for a minute, and found this old post to do it ;)

Just over the weekend, I was staying at a hotel in a country area with not many charging options around around 70 miles from home.

This hotel had nice 20A outlets so I was using my Zencar limited at 19A, and I could get a nice 25 miles out of 2 hours of charging, usually every evening. The hotel was ok with me charging... I parked in a far away corner and bothered no one ... except ...

Ok I get to the point now.
On my last dayI figured I would plug in overnight so I could get up to a fully charged car, to leave early in the morning...

I go outside to load up my car, and the first thing I noticed is the Zencar is all dark, I panicked and though, oh crap I tripped the breaker; then I look at the outlet... lo and behold, my cord is unplugged sitting on the ground.

Panic quickly turns into anger ... and guess what's parked in that area of the parking lot?

Not to be stereotypical, but there are 3 big 4x4 pickups, each with a 4 wheeler sitting in the bed...

I'm willing to bet it wasn't he lady in the Ford Fiesta who unplugged my charger from the wall.

The car was at 44%, it sucked, I couldn't wait hours to got more charge to drive home.

I drove with no A/C (FL, 90F high humidity) way below the speed limit, so I could make it to the closest L2 charger about half way home, where I'd sit for about an hour reading a book while waiting to get enough juice to get home.

Thanks for listening
/Rant over
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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Tue May 07, 2019 9:40 am

LeftieBiker wrote:New York, while often viewed by people in other states as a "Blue" state, is actually "Purple", with more conservative folks occupying most of the land area, and the Liberals concentrated in a few large cities.
Might have something to do with your current governor (blue), the current mayor of your largest city (blue), and the fact that every senator from your state since 1999 has been from the Democratic Party, including a recent failed Presidential candidate.

California is a blue state even though there are probably more red counties than blue. However like with New York, the population is concentrated in specific areas that tend to vote left over right and thus drive the state’s politics. It’s hardly “purple” when our local Senate has a supermajority of Democrats.

Nevada is a much better example of a purple state, thanks to migration (fleeing?) of Californians to there.
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Re: Am I wrong to be angry?

Tue May 07, 2019 12:02 pm

valem wrote:This hotel had nice 20A outlets so I was using my Zencar limited at 19A
80% of rated current for sustained loads. Should have limited the current to 16 Amps on a 20A outlet.
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