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Re: Tire Registration

Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:26 am

powersurge wrote: All this computer and phone app crap is turning us into a society of obsessive compulsive pussy willows that have to get their data just the way they like it or they have an embolism. They are probably the same ones that get their meal ingredients ordered by mail so they don't have to cut their own vegetables... As proof, there is even a guy that posted he is going to harrass the shop about it.
You make it sound as though people were diligent in checking tyre pressures before the age of TPMS. A few were, but the overwhelming majority were not. So this is not a case of technology turning a society into "pussy willows," it is a case of deciding to use tech to solve a problem of widespread apathy and stupidity/ignorance that was a safety issue.

As for me, I check pressures manually once a month and appreciate the TPMS as a back-up. YMMV
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Re: Tire Registration

Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:18 pm

Simply knowing that one tire has low pressure provides 95% of the benefit of the whole system. TPMS could be so much simpler:
- Every X minutes of driving, car listens for nearby TPMS transmissions
- Each TPMS has a somewhat unique ID # (e.g. 4+ digits).
- Any TPMS ID which was not also seen X minutes ago is ignored (maybe it's from the car in the next lane over)
- Any TMPS sensor which was seen X minutes ago, and which is now low, triggers a "check your tires" light, which stays lit until the car is turned-off
- some number of consecutive sample periods with only 3 or fewer wheels detected triggers a DTC/trouble code (which is different from the low-pressure light). Take the car to a shop and they'll find and replace the dead TPMS sensor.

This would provide most of the benefit of the existing system. You would never need to register a new or replacement TPMS, or reprogram after tire rotation, or switching between summer and winter tires. Yes, if you get an alarm, you'd need to check the pressure on all four tires. For something which happens every year or three, checking pressure on three extra tires is not a hardship. Maybe it will cost you 60 seconds per year. Saying that it's too much work for drivers to get out and check tire pressure is like saying that we need a digital readout of oil dipstick level, because popping the hood is too much trouble.

The irony is that the headaches of TPMS reprogramming are causing some drivers to quit using snow tires in winter, and just make-do with all-season tires. If you live in a place where road ice is common in winter, this is not improving road safety!

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Re: Tire Registration

Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:12 pm

Reminds me of: About 100 miles into a 700 mile trip, I got a flat tire on my 3/4 ton truck. After installing the full-sized, full-weight-rating spare and storing the flat in the bed of the truck, I was treated to 10 hours of low tire warnings. Yay!

Can't we just have an "okay, I get it" button?
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