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Re: What's the maximum charging voltage?

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 11:53 pm
by Tsiah
jjeff wrote: This is totally incorrect, at least for both my '12 and '13 Leafs :)
My cars max out at either 16a(for the '12) or 27.5a(for the '13) so voltage makes a large difference for me AFA charging speed. It's my belief the 3.6kW or 6.6kW ratings are at maximum voltage or 240v, if you use 208v the Kw will be less. Now you Leaf may be different than mine but I know voltages and amps and know how my Leafs work(and have several EVSEs that display instantaneous amperage)
My EVSE reads instantaneous amperage and the one at work shows kW load. The one at home is 240, the one at work is 208. The other readings I have are from leafspy. My car is a 16, but I don't think they would have changed the on board chargers that much. There's no particular reason it would be rated at 240. If memory serves, 208v is the level 2 charging voltage in Japan. Why (unless they're using 3 phase charging) would they make different chargers for every market with different kW ratings if 1 will accept a wide range of inputs and give you 6.6kW output?

Re: What's the maximum charging voltage?

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 11:56 pm
by Tsiah
johnrhansen wrote:what if you have a 50 amp EVSE? What's the most current the leaf can draw at 208 volts?
A 50A EVSE can give you 40A continuous. (80% of the rating)
The Leaf can only take 6600W in. 26A at 240V, 30A at 208V.

Re: What's the maximum charging voltage?

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:48 pm
by Ricoseu

I have a brand new leaf 2019 40 kW and some questions.
I want to install a residential Wall charger.

I live in Europe, and my home has a 3 phase installation, with a 25A main fuse.

From a lot of reading, I understand that my car has a Type 2 connection, with max 6.6 kW mono-phase.

What charger do you recommend to reach a maximum of 6.6 kW?

I've read about some chargers that can combine 2 phases.
Beside of grid monitoring (power shedding) and unique charging modes it gives an opportunity to equally load
2 phases at 3-phase 400V source to give more power to the car with single phase on-board charger, and thus – to charge much faster.
What do you recommend?

Thank you!