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Re: Advice on '15 Leaf S - Phoenix AZ

Tue May 09, 2017 6:27 am

Flynnstone wrote:Thank you. Seems that I should probably go for a Tesla, or an EV with a water cooled pack for AZ driving.
I'm not sure why you would say that Flynnstone.

I was in a similar position as you. My daily commute is 42 miles round trip, and is mostly > 60mph, which is not ideal for maximizing range. I live in South Florida, which is obviously pretty hot.

I purchased a 2014 with 87% SOH. Since I can charge at work an home, I could use this car as a strict commuter vehicle until it reached about 30% SOH. Assuming you can't charge at work, you would need about 60% of the battery capacity.

I would assume your battery would lose 2-5% every year depending on things like how and when you charge your car, where you park it during the day, and maybe dumb luck. Even with this level of depletion the car would meet your needs for atleast 5 years, and the money you save in gas and maintenance over that period would pay for a new battery.

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