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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:39 pm

mgoleta wrote:2011 LEAF SL, QC ,April 21,2011

Current mileage, 40.1K, 10/12 bars, only around town driving. Only L1 charging to 80% first 4 years, last 3+ years L1 charging to 100%, Never ended up using QC or L2.

The first set of tires wore out at 20K miles (3-1/2 years). Replaced at Costco ($470). These tires also lasted 20K mi, 3-1/2 years but they had 60K warranty. As a result Costco replaced all 4 tires for a net of $165.
Otherwise service costs have been quite minimal, total of 3 brake fluid changes, yearly battery check (first 2 years were free), tire rotation (free after getting Costco tires). Touch-up paint for small nicks and scratches, $26, 12V battery replacement after 7 years ($81 from Costco), yearly replacement of windshield wipers from Costco ($7).
Unplanned costs, $200, upgrade of telematics after ATT retirement of 1G service.
This year I had some intermittent operation of the backup camera caused by loose cable.

The car has been solid and reliable.

We just replaced the 2011 LEAF and our 2007 Prius with a 2018 Bolt Premiere and a 2018 LEAF S with winter package (ie. heated seats in both cars). Now we are a completely EV household. Gave up on our reservation for a Tesla M3 standard range after it became apparent that it would not be delivered until after the federal tax credit starts phasing out (2019 Q1 or 2019 Q2).

Total electricity costs for entire house net $120 over 7 years (monthly service charges minus energy buy back at end of each year). Total cost of original solar installation, $12.5K. Projected yearly cost going forward with 2 electric cars, $90/year for entire house.

Our original 2011 LEAF will continue on with one of our friends.
Thanks for the detailed report. It will be interesting to hear your take on the Bolt and 2018 Leaf since you will be driving both.

Bakersfield, California
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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:52 pm

Here's my seven year anniversary report after charging to 100%:
2011 SL received 8/18/11. I'm the original owner. Paid MSRP (no other choice at the time).
9 bars, 47,754 mi, 75 miles on the GOM at full charge.
AHr 44.22, SOH 67%, Hx 46.43%, 85*F temp, 4.092 V, 96.4% SOC
Extrapolating LeafSpy data collected over the past four years, I'm anticipating 8-bars on May 1st, 2019 (7.75 years).

I'm still running on the original 12V battery, but have one new set of tires and windshield wipers. No other maintenance except wiper fluids (not even air filter or brake fluids, though I have contemplated doing those). Essentially all of my driving has been in-town at 25-45 mph except the occasional 5-10 mi jaunt at 60-75 mph and 3-4 trips out of town in 2012-2014. Seven years of perfect in-town driving. I love the zippiness and smaller size. The lack of regen in winter is annoying, but not hazardous. I've saved about $9000 in gasoline, and probably a few thousand in other maintenance costs. Certainly not enough savings to justify buying a new EV over my 25 yo ICE, but money was not my reason for getting an EV. Would I do it again? Absolutely, given the conditions in 2010-2011. Will I do it again today? Absolutely NOT. Nissan has lost my business due to lack of TMS and price gouging on the replacement battery costs. Their original statements were that new battery tech would be backward compatible and owners would be able to get the newest, highest capacity battery replacement at $5000 or $50/mo (or something like that), which is currently proving to be completely false. I highly doubt that Nissan will get my business again. On a positive note, finally after seven years, there are now DCQC stations in each of the three cities that make up our community, strategically-located about 15 mi from my house. This fact now means that my lowly 2011 Nissan Leaf will easily meet my in-town driving for another 10 years (at least).
2011 SL; 9 bar, 45.80 AHr; 45,000 mi; rcv'd Aug 18, 2011
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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:00 am

  • 96k miles
  • 12 bars (see sig)
  • 60 ~ mile range
Replaced under warranty
  • Onboard Charger (diode failure), Dec 2011
  • Traction battery
Other maintenance
  • Tires, 2 sets
  • 12 v battery
  • Rear brake pads
2011 Blue Ocean SL
112,777 miles, Sept 2020
Traction battery replaced, Sept 23rd, 2015
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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Tue May 28, 2019 2:18 pm

opencar wrote:
Cinnabar wrote:My anniversary of delivery. I have 78k miles and it's going strong. i got lucky and slipped into the replacement battery just before Nissan decided to mess with other early adaptors and had an 80/20 cost share.

Given my luck with the battery replacement (and the seat extenders I bought shortly after taking delivery) I've been very happy with this car. I still have 12 bars on the new battery, nothing other the the 12V battery has failed (new tires from Costco and new wiper blades). It's been a low cost car to operate and I still use it for 95% of my driving.

I was pleased that Nissan did the right thing by me and others given the battery degradation, but also feel the let a lot of people down. Until they add an active thermal management system, I can't see me buying another LEAF.
Glad to see fellow original owners that still have their 2011s. i'm in the same situation as you w/ 78K mi. and using the Lizard replacement. Also still happy with the car's reliability and around-town utility. Despite all the dissapointment surrounding the lame battery longevity, I credit the LEAF with getting me excited about the technology and leading me to buy the Model 3 for my long distance road trips.
Still at it after 8 years. Anyone else?

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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Tue May 28, 2019 2:46 pm

8 years at the beginning of this month and still at it. Lost the first capacity bar with the new battery in July. Now at 173k miles. No new maintenance.
91040 wrote:Hit seven years of ownership a month ago with 156k miles on the car. Full charge with the second traction battery is ~240 Gids. It hasn’t lost a capacity bar yet.

Significant repairs were replacing the traction battery, climate control fan and the failed diode in the onboard charger. Otherwise, it has been just the usual wear and tear items. Didn’t bother to update the telecommunication module. The struts will probably need to be replaced soon.

Adding the Brusa charger was and is crucial in having this car meet my driving needs.
1st Capacity Bar loss 30k mi 16mo
2nd- 49k mi 25.5mo 51.5Ah
3rd- 73k mi 36.5mo 46.9Ah
4th- 86.5k mi 43mo 42.6Ah
5th- 101k mi 50.5mo 38.4Ah, end 36.1Ah
New Battery 9/28/15 104k mi 66.1Ah
1st- 160.5k mi 34mo 54Ah
2nd- 184.4k mi 53mo 49Ah

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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Thu May 30, 2019 1:48 pm

We just sold our 2011 that we purchased new in December 2011. It had 67XXX miles on it and 10 of 12 bars remaining (original battery). The GOM put the range at 68 miles. We guess we could get about 60 miles on a 100% charge. It has been a very reliable car, never stranded us. New tires at 40 some thousand miles, they still have good tread. We are going to be purchasing a new 2019 Leaf in a couple of months.
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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:06 pm

Just crossed 100,000 miles on my Leaf after 8 +years, still 12 bars, 60.00 AH on the new battery (3 years old) got replaced on the last day of the 5 years warranty :D . Still can do 70-80 miles per charge depending on the speed, looks like there are at least another 50K miles to be put on :P
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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:40 am

8.5 years for me, almost to the day.

81,100 total miles, with about 28k of that on the second battery pack, which currently has one bar gone.

Only maintenance since the battery pack replacement are new tires (3rd set since new) and I've got a feeling that brake pads are due fairly soon. I also have a bit of a clunk from the front end that I haven't investigated yet. Happens when taking off from a standing start, so it could be anything from motor mounts to ball joints. I'm probably at the point where I should consider going through the suspension anyway.

Only maintenance since new other than tires and the pack have been a front axle repair (under warranty) and a brake fluid flush I had done to protect the warranty on the braking system. Still on the original 12v battery, which is a source of amusement to me because I've always thought it was kind of weak. However, I do have more than my share of exterior door trim pieces that are more worse for wear than they really should be, but that's been an ongoing situation for quite a few years now.
2011 Blue Ocean SL with 87,000 miles
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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:36 pm

There was a TSB for the clunk, something that had to do with applying grease the axle ends or the like. I had it done long time ago, no more clunk. Of course it can be dozen other things. I'm on my way to 8 years in September, 156k Miles, 66k miles on the replacement pack, 81.65% SOH, went up a bit with warmer weather, chances are I will be down to 10 bars by the end of the summer. Braking pads are at least 50% material left, I would think that at 81k miles your brake pads are almost as new.
'11 SL, totaled
-1CB@33k/21mo, -2CB@53k/33mo, -3CB@68k/41mo, -4CB(41.5AHr)@79k/49mo, -5CB(38.85AHr)@87.5k/54mo
-0CB(66.14AHr)@87.5k/54mo (BBB), -1CB(53.92Ahr)@140k/29mo,
51.1AHr, SOH 80%, 150k miles

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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:38 pm

8+ yrs, 85K mi, just lost 1st bar on the replacement battery. swapped out the 12V as a preventative measure at 6+ yrs. Started on my 3rd set of tires. Otherwise no outlay on any maintenance.
1st bar- 22K, 27mo, Ah=55.29
2nd- 33K, 37mo, Ah=51.54
3rd- 41K, 46mo, Ah=47.47
4th- 49K, 53mo, Ah=43.28
Warranty Lizard- 50K, Oct'15
1st bar- 34K, 44mo, Ah=55.25, Jun'19

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