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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:45 pm

8+ years on mine with 9 bars left. About 32,000 mi. on the odometer. I put new tires on recently and just had the 12 volt battery replaced since the car wouldn't start. Other than that the only maintenance I've had done was one brake fluid flush and installation of the new telematics unit (which doesn't work - long story in another thread). I could probably get 45 miles or so at freeway speeds with climate control on, but for anything over 35 or so I take my wife's ICE.
2011 SL down to 9 capacity bars

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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Sun May 17, 2020 6:17 pm

9 years now, with 186k miles. 2 capacity bars down. It has hardly been driven since mid-March, due to a small piece of RNA. Struts are still fine.
91040 wrote:
Tue May 28, 2019 2:46 pm
8 years at the beginning of this month and still at it. Lost the first capacity bar with the new battery in July. Now at 173k miles. No new maintenance.
91040 wrote:Hit seven years of ownership a month ago with 156k miles on the car. Full charge with the second traction battery is ~240 Gids. It hasn’t lost a capacity bar yet.

Significant repairs were replacing the traction battery, climate control fan and the failed diode in the onboard charger. Otherwise, it has been just the usual wear and tear items. Didn’t bother to update the telecommunication module. The struts will probably need to be replaced soon.

Adding the Brusa charger was and is crucial in having this car meet my driving needs.
1st Capacity Bar loss 30k mi 16mo
2nd- 49k mi 25.5mo 51.5Ah
3rd- 73k mi 36.5mo 46.9Ah
4th- 86.5k mi 43mo 42.6Ah
5th- 101k mi 50.5mo 38.4Ah, end 36.1Ah
New Battery 9/28/15 104k mi 66.1Ah
1st- 160.5k mi 34mo 54Ah
2nd- 184.4k mi 53mo 49Ah

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