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Re: Please post your latest June 2018 30kWh battery software upgrade feedback here

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:59 pm
by bmw
I had the software updated on my 2017 leaf on 10/2/18. At that time I had the leaf for just under 18 months with 10,181 miles on the odometer.

Before the update SOH 88% , HX 82.43
After update SOH 93.64,% HX 82.79

A day later on 10/3/18 after 100% charge and a 70 mile drive
SOH 95.13, HX 83.4

On 10/20/18 SOH 93.34, HX 80.01 mileage 10,710

What I have noticed is that SOH does not fluctuate as much as it did before the upgrade. Before update, the SOH would change as much as 2% after a full charge and several longer drives. Other than the first day after the update, the variation is is less than 0.5% day to day. The SOH has stayed reasonably constant, and surprisingly the value of HX has seen a small steady decline.

I am not sure what all of this means, but it appears that battery degradation may not be that much better than before the software update.

Re: Please post your latest June 2018 30kWh battery software upgrade feedback here

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:35 am
by bmw
I am sorted surprised that there have not been any additional posts describing experience since having the battery software update since I last posted. I would really like to see what others have experienced.

It has been a month and 1/2 since I had the software update was installed on my 2017 Leaf. Other than going from 88% SOH to now around 93% the biggest change that I have noticed is the the SOH reported by Leafspy does not change with the type of driving or charging. For about a month the SOH settled in at 93.33% It had been as high as 95% after a long drive. In a little over a month it has decreased to 93.08% and has been amazingly consistent no matter how I drive or charge. The other thing that I have noticed is that the Hx value has continued to slowly decline. It is now at 79.5% having been just above 81% after the software update. By the way, the GOM is just as inaccurate as it was before the update.