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Re: e Golf

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 1:03 pm
by GlennD
My problem with the eGolf is that it was too low to the ground. The goilf is a sports platform and I did not fit. Otherwise it was fune. I do fit into my IoniQ and I really like all of the safety nannies, The Mercedes B was a minimum effort CARB car.

Re: e Golf

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 10:17 pm
by Kieran973
1. The range of 125+ miles is only applicable to the 2017+ models which have a 35.8 kWH battery. The 2015 (mine) and 2016 models have the same size 24 kWH battery as the Leaf.

2. MUCH better than the Leaf. Much better than most if not all econoboxes (except another Golf of course). Far less body lean.

3. Correct. As I stated above, it seems to suffer from far less degradation under similar climate and driving conditions.

4. Yes, ever since Tesla announced they will finally release the (not so easy to obtain) $35k Model 3, VW dealers have significantly dropped the price.

5. BEST FEATURE OF THE CAR. If you're not familiar with the few details that differentiate the eGolf from an ICE version (mainly the rims, but also the C-shaped DRL's and of course eGolf badging), you wouldn't know it's electric.

6. Cargo capacity is actually less. The Leaf has a deep trunk well that the eGolf lacks. However the eGolf from the factory has a flat-ish load floor when the seats are folded down.

1. I've spent an average of $20/year on maintenance, primarily due to tire rotations. Yes VW service can be expensive, primarily due to the hourly rate. As mentioned above, I've only had one problem with it.

2. To be fair, Nissan used to recommend limiting DCFC as well.

3. Yes a sporty ride, but no harsher than a Tesla Model 3.

4. Yes seats less comfortable but hold you better in cornering.

All great points. Thanks for chiming in.