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High Mileage Leaf Battery Numbers!? are they good!?

Fri May 31, 2019 11:48 am

Hello guys, So i bought a 15 SL with premium package with 160,000 Miles on the clock, yes that much.. its a 1 owner car which lived in IL its whole it for CHEAP on a auction from nissan remarketing (repo). Car is in like new condition only 1 minor dent on a fender after that no paint job no chips nothing!

car have 11 Bars when i got it, but i was suspicious about this high mileage and those bars, so I bought a leaf spy after getting the car and this are the numbers

AHr 50.16
SOH 80.77
Hx 64.07

this was done at SOC of 56%..

3267 QC & 880 L1/L2

I only do city driving and GOM seems on pair with the trip, I always use the A/C

Do this numbers are ok!? or maybe battery got replaced or BMS got reset?!

any comments appreciated thanks

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Re: High Mileage Leaf Battery Numbers!? are they good!?

Fri May 31, 2019 3:06 pm

Check it again in a few weeks, but it is likely ok. Mileage doesn't matter as much as other factors, like which version of the battery the car has, and how much heat and sitting at a high SOC it has seen. Your car has the best battery Nissan ever made.
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Re: High Mileage Leaf Battery Numbers!? are they good!?

Fri May 31, 2019 6:26 pm

Since it resided in a cooler climate, the numbers look realistic. Leaf Spy numbers always improve when I use DCQC so the frequent quick charging probably helped to keep the numbers high. Number of charge cycles vs. miles driven indicates about 40 miles per charge which is reasonable for such a high-mileage vehicle. The Leaf Spy numbers will likely drop slowly over time if you use L2 charging and a little faster if you use L1 charging. Enjoy the car!

For perspective, my 2015 SL has 79,134 miles with 306 QCs and 1380 L1/L2 charge cycles as it charges at a QC while I type this. My car has been in the AZ heat since purchased new and now shows 40.79 AHr; 65.83% SOH; and 36.71% Hx.
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Re: High Mileage Leaf Battery Numbers!? are they good!?

Sat Jun 01, 2019 1:07 pm

Mild and cold climate 2013+ Leaf battery degrades at acceptable rate.
10% per 100 000km is totally reasonable.
I lost 14% after 145 000km and 5 years.
QC sessions (one per day) hardly change the pace (data from taxis).
More distance in less years evens out each other..more or less.
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