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Re: Plus Inventory

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:45 am
by webeleafowners
LeftieBiker wrote:
webeleafowners wrote:
LeftieBiker wrote:
You're welcome. Canada should have a regulation that requires that any EV sold there have whatever Winter heating packages are available for the vehicle. Because I just know that American dealers will, at some point, be selling California and other hot climate Leafs to Canada.
They already do. A ton of out of country used leafs are imported to this province. They can’t get them fast enough. Even without used EV’s EV sales are now over 8 percent of new car sales in BC. I think Nissan needs to re-evaluate North American leaf allotment to BC.
I don't mean that American stock will be sold to Canada - I know that is happening. I mean that American Leafs with no All Weather Package that were destined for hotter US states will be sold to Canada, with little or no warning that it is missing.
Ahhh. Yah I guess. We’ll be watching.