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Re: Anybody Interested in Buying a 2019 Leaf S Plus?

Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:13 pm

Have you check with NMAC on how you can sell the car to another individual? In California, you can only buy the car from a Nissan dealer. You should check if another individual can buy the car directly from NMAC or a Nissan dealer on a car that is currently leased to you.

In January, I was trying to sell my 2017 Leaf SV to Carvana. Cavana was willing to pay $2700 over what I owe Nissan. I started the process with Carvana only to find out that Nissan had recently change the rule that only a Nissan dealer can purchase the car from NMAC. NMAC will no longer sell the car to an online third party dealer. So instead of making $2700 off the car, now I have to pay $400 disposition fee. I spoke to NMAC several times on the phone, it seems that they change the rule on November 2019 for California. The rule may be different for your state, you may want to check it out.

Have you check out swap a lease website? Nissan does allow someone else to take over your lease.
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Re: Anybody Interested in Buying a 2019 Leaf S Plus?

Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:30 pm

Nissan does allow someone else to take over your lease.
The big problem with that option is that NMAC continues to hold the original lessee responsible for the payments being made, and in a timely manner.
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Re: Anybody Interested in Buying a 2019 Leaf S Plus?

Mon Apr 06, 2020 6:10 am

Yes I have already checked this out
Who ever is going to buy the car I can
Arrange with Nissan leasing to pay the car off
Either i send them a check or wire Transfer
Or the person Buying it can do the same
if i inform Nissan Leasing about the Purchase
Either way you have to allow for the Disposition fee
which is right on your lease contract if you purchase
or turn the car in after the lease is over its in black and white
If you trade your Leaf for another Leaf at a Nissan dealership
that you are leasing toward another lease there is no disposition fee
it only if you buy the car from Nissan Lease or turn it in at the end of the lease
i have traded 3 leafs in for other leafs that i had leased no disposition fees
it really all very simple i have purchase leased cars in the past from the
Lease part of the company just follow there instructions it all goes smooth

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