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Update NAV card in 2015 LEAF SV - Nissan Navigation

Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:00 am

Update NAV card in 2015 LEAF SV - Nissan Navigation

Any one know of an easy cheap way to update the NAV data base.

Well I spent at least 20 minutes getting the Nissan runaround and go some one. It is $180 and some BS about you need a SD card from them if you don't have one.... Well I have a current SD card in the car with Nav data. I asked do I need to send the card in? She could not explain that, but if I need a NAV card, I have to buy it from dealer? It made no sense. I think the last update Nissan did was 2018... ha ha.

$180? NOPE... The Nissan Connect does update Charging stations. If I get desperate for GPS I will use my phone, Google Map or Waze..... screw Nissan. I will buy a Garmin GPS with life time updates before I pay $180 for a SD card.

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