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Re: Stoaty's Guide to Energy Efficient Driving of the Leaf

Sat Nov 23, 2013 7:48 pm

it is funny to me that everyone claims they drive the way they do because they are forced to by others essentially admitting they have relinquished their right to choose to drive in their own way.

I dont know of any other subject where people would not vehemently deny to the point of violence their decision was their own and not swayed in anyway by others.

but we (actually I "drive to the beat of my own drummer" and that will never change) continue to risk (albeit a small risk) tickets, accidents (lets face it, most accidents are fender benders and if we were driving 10 mph slower would the accident still have happened?)

I have found that no matter how slow I drive, there is always someone at my speed or less. This is something I would not have believed before. i now realize that I pass so few cars now that the action has become some sort of an event. As I slowly overtake the car I study it wondering why it has chosen to drive significantly slower than everyone else and frequently there is no outward reason (extreme age, vision or equipment drawbacks...) for it so I have to assume they have decided to burn fuel at a lesser rate.

Now, I have made it a habit to drive no more than 62 mph since getting my first Prius in 2004 but only because I knew speedometers read higher than actual and I did see a lot more animosity then than I do now but back then, gas was just over a buck a gallon and this was before the latest rounds of gas price hikes... plus the Prius was still the "Poindexter of the road" and subject to significant ridicule for a dozen different reasons that no longer seem to be valid. The Prius used to be ugly (an opinion I never had...)I thought the Prius was "space-aged" or "spacey" one or the other but definitely not ugly

so why do I not get the same flack as before especially now that I am driving 55 mph OR LESS? maybe its the attitude of Washingtonians that has made the LEAF one of the best selling vehicles of any kind in the region or maybe its simply drivers who have weathered the gas price shocks and who gained a small sliver of insight to some of the reasons why I drive slower.

Or maybe nothing has changed and I have just learned to tune it out more effectively

for those of you that have blocks up, you probably wondering why I posted this and considering the # of you left, I have to guess there will only be a few left to read this. maybe I should have put it on the blog instead?
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Re: Stoaty's Guide to Energy Efficient Driving of the Leaf

Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:41 am

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Re: Stoaty's Guide to Energy Efficient Driving of the Leaf

Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:55 pm

Gearscout wrote:Everyone left because this entire thread is overwrought.
The only information contained in your post is that you belong on the "Foes" list (i.e., won't see your posts anymore).
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