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Re: Yellow triangle light and P312a p3131 u1000 codes

Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:51 am

Thanks cwerdna, but I'm not about to give up my "You forgot to plug in!" reminders. That's the #1 reason why I replaced the TCU!

For now I'll just reinstall the phone app as needed. Annoying, weird, but it works.
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Re: Yellow triangle light and P312a p3131 u1000 codes

Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:17 am

jlv wrote:
Supersleeper wrote:Now has P31C2. This looks new.
P31C2 is also part of the problem (listed in the link I posted above).

Glad it's working for you now, but it's interesting that you needed to pull the negative terminal to get it to resolve. Are you getting text messages/notifications (on charging complete)?
As I posted at ... 23#p534823 regarding NTB18-045:

I still haven't seen a copy of the DTC as still doesn't have it. A Google search did turn up ... ds=1977440 which does have this text
2011-2015 LEAF; 12 VOLT BATTERY LOSES CHARGE AND/OR TELEMATICS SERVICES DO NOT WORK This bulletin applies only to vehicles equipped with a 3G Telematics control unit. IF YOU CONFIRM The 12 V battery continuously loses its charge and/or Remote Telematics services do not work. NOTE: DTCs P3131 (SYSTEM SHUTOFF ERROR) and/or P31C2 (TCU) may be found stored. ACTION 1. Refer to page 2, step 2 in the SERVICE PROCEDURE to confirm this bulletin applies to the vehicle being worked on. 2. If this bulletin applies, reprogram the Telematics control unit (TCU).
Yay! P3131 was exactly what I'd see accompanying the yellow ! car light when I had saved charging locations and auto-saving of them.

I'm having the car taken in for the annual battery check and will have them apply NTB18-045. Maybe I should go turn the auto-saving of charging locations tonight.

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