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It is unlikely that failure of a module months after using an OBDII device is related to the previous use of that device. It is more likely that the module just failed. Another possibility is that something else in the car failed and caused the module to fail.

I have used Leaf Spy Pro with suitable Bluetooth OBDII adapter in the 2011 from October 2013 (just before traction battery was replaced) until January 2015 and have been using it with the 2015 beginning the day I purchased the car (drove across the street from the dealer to a shopping center before plugging it in) and remove it only when parking for extended time or taking the car back to the dealer. I also use a "GID Meter" which I purchased as a kit from the inventor and assembled in the fall of 2012 (both share the port using a wye cable). Leaf Spy Pro has saved me the inconvenience of having the car towed on several occasions when communication errors between the car and public charging stations resulted in EV System errors. The car would not charge at other stations without clearing the error codes so it would have required towing to the dealer if I could not clear those errors (happened with both 2011 and 2015 and L2 or DCQC charging).
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