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I Broke My Car! (Climate/Cooling/Alarm)

Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:12 pm

Hey All,

Sorry to be "that guy" but this looks like the most knowledgeable forum for these vehicles, so I'm gonna ask away!

Car: 2019 Nissan Leaf+ SL

I wanted to install a a dash cam, and it seemed to me a great place to wire it in would be the 12volt power going to the auto-dimming mirror. I clipped the wires, used my multimeter to figure the positive/negative (red/green, imagine that) and spliced in the voltage adapter.

Everything seemed to be fine, but I noticed a few obvious problems pretty quickly. The climate control panel is completely off, the radiator fans turns on full blast, and every time the car is started (actually maybe when stopped) I get a message to email and nissan connect that my security alarm was triggered. When I plug in to 110v AC the rad fan starts there as well. I have an OBD2 plug which worked on my 2016 leaf and currently still works on my wife's car, and it does not light up at all.

The mirror seems to work fine, so it's not the fuse connected to that (what's the third wire?), I hear a relay click about 4 times towards that back driver side of the vehicle. I've taken a look at every single fuse that I could find, and they're all fine. I pulled the AC relay, and not knowing exactly how to test it, probed the resistor pair, and got .07 ohms, not sure if that's good or bad. I attempted to "reset the car buy unplugging the 12 volt battery, but that only seems to revert a few settings. Plugging or unplugging the rearview mirror doesn't have any effect either, currently the dash cam is not wired in at all.

Any ideas? I'm not thrilled about driving it monday and tuesday before the dealership has a space open, and I'm not thrilled about taking it to the dealership.

Thanks all!

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Re: I Broke My Car! (Climate/Cooling/Alarm)

Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:31 pm

I suspect you blew a fuse (if you are lucky) when you cut the wires. I personally never cut the wiring harness (just carefully splice in without actually cutting the wires, if necessary). There are several fuse blocks in the LEAFs that do not show up in the owner manual (if the new ones are like the older ones). Specifically, the ones in/under the dash that show in the owner manual and several under the hood. There are the ones under the hood by the 12-volt battery that show in the manual and there are fuses on the under side of the intelligent power distribution modules (mounted to the upper areas of the fenders under the hood on older cars) that do not show in the manual. The radiator fans running are probably a fail-safe mode because the climate control module is not powered.

You can subscribe for a period of time on the Nissan publications web site and view the service manual. That manual may offer some guidance on where to look for hidden fuses.
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