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Re: Nissan: restart problems reported in Leaf electric cars

Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:23 pm

In reading about the restart problem, there seems to me to be a nagging engineering issue. It seems that the software of the Leaf decided, based on some of its sensor inputs, to not allow the car to be started. I'm thinking that the list of items that should prevent starting of the car should be very small. I guess the $64 question to me would be, "What are the other cases that software will prevent the car from starting?", "Are there cases when the car is actually started, that the software will stop the car?", "What are the engineering reasons behind these decisions and why not give nagging warnings rather than not allow the car to start?".

No matter how you slice this, this is very much a safety issue and I think there needs to be more information disseminated.

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