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Re: charging timer problem. help!

Mon Jun 15, 2020 4:10 pm

Ramon959 wrote:
Mon Jun 15, 2020 1:08 pm
Hey, just reaching out here. I realise this thread is quite old but it describes my issue exactly.

My clock is set to 12hr - already checked that - but no luck.

I have the same problem between the climate and charge timers - can’t get either to show the Orange indicator.

Any help?

Make sure your 12V battery is healthy and showing a good charge. Consider topping it off with an external charge or maintainer.

Disconnect black lead on 12V battery. Wait 10 minutes. Re-connect 12V battery. Drive the car out of your garage into the driveway where you have a clear view of the sky. Wait 3 minutes with the car on. Try to set the timers.

Two things can happen:
1) The computer can get confused, especially if there was a low 12V voltage at some point. Pulling power for 10 minutes fixes it.
2) If you reset the car by disconnecting 12V, the nav/music unit cannot acquire the time if it can't see the sky. The time on the nav is set from GPS. Until it does this, it won't let you setup a charge timer.

Good luck!
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