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Student Project- EV App Wishlist

Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:52 am


I'm working on a class project and need your help. Basically I'm trying to design the ideal smartphone application for electric vehicles. I've been doing a lot of research on what matters to EV owners but wanted to see what Leaf owners need to know on a regular basis. I know there's already lots of applications out there (all with different features) and my goal is to figure out what everyone's favorite features are. I need survey results from actual owners for this project, so if you have a minute please respond to a few of these questions. Thanks in advance! :D

1. What is your favorite thing about owning an electric car?
2. Do you use the official Nissan Leaf EV app? If so, what do you like/dislike about it?
3. Do you use any other apps that interact with your car (ex. checking battery status, unlocking doors, etc.)? If so, which ones?
3a. What exactly do you use those apps for?
4. Do you check how efficiently you are driving (from in-car indicators or elsewhere)?
4a. Does this or Eco Tree info (on the dashboard) matter to you?
5. Does World/National Eco Rankings mean anything to you?
6. How do you determine if your car can make certain trips? (In-vehicle range, mental math, distance calculators, other apps, etc.)
7. What are your specific charging habits? (When, where, how long, how often, to what percentage, scheduled, etc.)
8. When you're not charging, what battery information is important to you? (ex. Time to full charge, battery temp, etc.)
9. When you are charging, what battery information is important to you? (ex. Time remaining, speed, time to certain %, etc.)
10. What are the most important things about your battery? (How full it is, capacity, overall health, etc.)
11. Rank (in order of importance) the features that inform you of your battery’s status:
Percentage charged
Visual indicator (12 bars)
12. Are there any features you would LOVE to have on your phone? (Can be anything, doesn't matter if the Leaf can't do it)

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Re: Student Project- EV App Wishlist

Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:08 am

1. it is simple and it doesn't smell and I'm not buying gasoline made with oil from halfway around the world.
2. Yes. it looks nice but lacking in features. I only use it to start charging and see what charge i have which is almost unless because it uses the GOM.
3. LeafSpy
3a. seeing lots of things including DTC codes
4. I have a Leaf SL so I have a nice display to track power use etc. so no.
5. no
6. mental math
7. every night to 100% (used to go to 80% but Wife says I need to have extra).
8. I want to know the % battery and Kwh remaining to use. I know what Kwh I can do and I know the car likes to have some in reserve. KWH remaining to go is a true count of what the car has left.
9. when it's charging I'm generally asleep but if I'm awake during the day and out, i'd like to know the KWH coming in.. how much until 80% and 100% rate of Kwh per 15mins, 5mins or per hour. I'd like to setup my phone to switch on my car to charge so that it should be fully ready at 100% when I leave at 7:30am each morning.
10. Current state of KWh. how much KWh is has at the last 100% charge. how many Kwh I can use until it gets to LBW (low battery warning)
11. see 10
12. switch on charging at a certain time to give me 100% as close to the normal (leave my house time) and maps calculator that takes into account Miles per KW average so I know I can make it there.
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Re: Student Project- EV App Wishlist

Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:58 am

interesting project, but I am too lazy to type for all those questions... you seem to be an owner, so you will know that you need in a short time...

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Re: Student Project- EV App Wishlist

Thu Sep 03, 2020 2:35 am

Hello guys, I'm a robotics student at St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School doing my project on the EV safety. I need to interview EV owners about their preferences: whether you would like to have humanlike robots that could help with safety in your electic car.
Also: What safety apps for EV are you using?

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