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Re: Miles per kwh so far... my calcs vs. the LEAFs calcs

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:52 am
by evnow
garygid wrote:What is the problem, please?
Don't know. We can't get the figures shown by Leaf from the breakup figures carwings shows.

But, there is strong correlation between Leaf's figures & carwings'.

I've started a new thread on this problem. ... 23&start=0

Re: Miles per kwh so far... my calcs vs. the LEAFs calcs

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:20 am
by DaveinOlyWA
try this and do not make any conclusions unless you can average at least 10 days or so.

from Carwings; take (Electricity consumed by the traction motor) - regen plus (Electricity consumed by the vehicle accessories)

this should give you power used from the wall more or less.
we take my stats from 3/22 we have

MPK= 7.7

on formula above we have

9.6 - 3.8 +0.4 = 6.2 kwh from the wall. with MPK readings carwings suggests we drove 6.2 * 7.7 = 47.7 miles (actual 49.5)

makes sense?? sure it does... pretty close to car


now on that date, readings from car distance traveled 49.5 @ 5.5 MPK which implies energy used to be 49.5/5.5 = 9 kwh consumed....hmmm. that formula does not work with carwings though especially when taking out regen power and its this regen figure that appears to be vague as to how it fits in the calculations

so if we go back to the top. and make the assumption that regen should not be removed from what the traction motor used as its somehow absorbed we then come up with a KWH used that matches the car (or nearly so) of around 9 kwh.

but that also assumes that the climate control power should be removed from the traction motor which does not really make sense to me (but most of this doesnt anyway so we will go with it)

so that would mean that 9.6-.04 = 9.2 from traction motor used from the wall and that the regen was playing a part in providing the extra power which means that the sets of numbers we see are using two different sets of formulas....

so, keep in mind; you wanted to know why it was not a straight forward answer, so now you know


bet you wont make that mistake twice!!

Re: Miles per kwh so far... my calcs vs. the LEAFs calcs

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:34 pm
by turbo2ltr
I didn't know where else to post this so this thread seemed as good as any...

I've had the car two months now and I've gotten two electric bills.

I've driven about 1900 miles in those two months.

On average, I used about 250kWh more off peak energy a month than I
used last year. Currently that's about double my normal off peak
usage. Once the summer comes, it will be less than double. I haven't
really turned on the A/C yet.

This extra usage raised my electric bill about $17.

That's an average energy cost of 6.8 cents per kWh and an average operation cost of 0.89 cents a mile...which comes out to about 3.8mi/kwh.
Carwings seems to be down right now, but I believe my cawings average is about 4 mi/kwh so it sounds about right.