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Re: How can I be sure the leaf will make my 72 mile LA commute?

Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:19 pm

If you want to see the car and take a drive on the 5, PM me and we can arrange. I am only a few exits above you on the 5. Would be happy to discuss my real time experiences in person. No problem.Take my daughter to West Ranch HS every morning, love going up the hill in stop and go and re-gen all the way down!

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Re: How can I be sure the leaf will make my 72 mile LA commute?

Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:21 am

I think this sort of topic is extremely important to the folks like EVProject who are trying to figure out where to put L3 stations around metro areas. I wish I knew a more efficient way for them to gather that info than just a website asking people to stick icons on the map where they want an L2 or L3 station.

For SoCal commuters, the elevation change from home to work is a significant issue and I'll bet the majority have it working against them like hobbyguy and jdsantaclarita. Also, the importance of charging access at work cannot be understated and will, if widely implemented, greatly enhance the utility of BEVs like the LEAF. Seeing more BEV commuters in the HOV lanes can only accelerate the adoption of these cars as it did for Prius and Insight in years past.

More on topic, as others stated, I think relying on just home charging for jdsantaclaritas commute is bad strategy if he/she considers the normal battery degradation over 4-5 years. There just isn't enough margin for the occasional detour, extreme hot/cold/rainy weather. Last night I made another commute to LAX to pick up some family. I got 30 mins of L2 in the EV lot while I waited for the flight (yet another Volt--CAB member came in to hook up!). But on my drive home, no traffic, I was detoured about 4 miles due to a stalled vehicle in the HOV connector from 105/110. That 4 mile detour resulted in a low charge warning light about 3 miles from my house. Usually I make it with 3 bars remaining.

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