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Posting on charging strategy?

Sat Feb 22, 2020 7:29 pm

I know I saw a posting, surely on this site, with a clever strategy for limiting charging to 80%. It involved setting a timer that went from midnight to midnight, seven days a week. Then somehow that timer was also set to be limited to 80%? To charge to 100%, they would override the timer.

I may have parts of this wrong, and maybe I can't use this strategy because my car is the wrong year or model (mine is a 2015 SV).

Do any of you recognize this, or understand how it would work? I managed to set the timer as described, but couldn't find anything about limiting it to 80%.

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Re: Posting on charging strategy?

Sat Feb 22, 2020 7:34 pm

The above trick works fine on my '13 SV. :)

On US model years '14+ of Leaf, the 80% limiter was removed. ( ... -84-miles/)

It remained around longer in some regions (e.g. a guy here from Ireland has it on his '15). US EPA test results are only mandated in the US (AFAIK).

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Re: Posting on charging strategy?

Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:48 am

I personally know how many miles I get per hour of charge, so I adjust it to start at 2am every night and using my 25 miles per hour of charge I know when to stop it to achieve 80%. Although lately I change the 2am figure and end at 6am at 90-95% just as I get in it to drive to work. (so it doesn't sit at 95% but for a few minutes)

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Re: Posting on charging strategy?

Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:57 pm

I have put a simple wind-up timer on my 120V charger at home, easier for me to crank the timer to the number of hours I want to charge than to deal with the Leaf set-up. Approx. 2% per hour.... Plug the charger into the timer, plug the timer into the AC outlet, suits me just fine.
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Re: Posting on charging strategy?

Thu Apr 02, 2020 3:35 am

I did this years ago when I just got my Leaf...

Do not use the car's timers, as they like to go to 100%

Get one of those 24 hour clock timers, the one that clicks when you turn it, This will be a 120 volt timer.

Plug in the 120 volt charger that came with you car into the timer.

Figure that the 120 volt charger will charge the car at the rate of 5% battery level (First generation 24 kwh battery) per hour....


If you are at 50% charge and want to reach 80%, then figure that you need 30% more charge. 30/ 5%(per hour)= 6 hours of charging is needed. (during the night)

Keep the settings the same for every day, or adjust the timer as needed

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