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Re: Trip report: 4800 ft. climb, 100 mi.

Mon May 30, 2011 1:49 am

Mx5racer wrote:
At the bottom of the hill in Springville, regenerative braking had increased the estimated range to 22 miles.
How many bars did you gain?
Same question I wanted to ask as well.
I've been doing some mountain driving from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz on highway 17 and back with elevation difference as much as 1800ft and one thing I noticed is that I never don't gain any bars on a descending ride (with almost no braking use). Last time I lost 3 bars on the way up and then lost no bars on the way down to the ocean level.

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Re: Trip report: 4800 ft. climb, 100 mi.

Mon May 30, 2011 7:42 am

I drove up to Hatchet mountain pass on HWY 299E yesterday.

24 miles up, about 4,000 ft of elevation gain total, with 2,400 ft net.

Used 6 bars from 100% charge. I returned by a slightly different route, used 2 bars (4 remaining). In both cases I lost the last bars very shortly before destinations.

I have never regenerated a bar, after quite a few hills. It looks to me that one bar translates into about 2,000 ft of elevation gain (didn't someone calculate-long ago-that this should be more like 700 ft per KWH?). While regen obviously does not recapture 100% of this energy in descent, my crude "bar" calculations indicate you can get most of it back.

It also seems to me that you would need about 2,000 ft of "ideal" descent, constantly steep enough to avoid battery use, and not so steep as to use friction braking, to add a bar. Does this match your experiences?

I'd need to recharge in Redding Ca to get to Buckhorn summit, on 299W, to get to the closest "ideal" descent of over 2000 ft. I'll copy and email this to a Redding LEAF owner, and suggest he take a drive...
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Re: Trip report: 4800 ft. climb, 100 mi.

Mon May 30, 2011 9:09 pm

Mx5racer wrote:How many bars did you gain?
If I remember correctly, I gained two bars, but the second one disappeared soon, so I guess it was between one and two bars.
My trip to Mineral King and the value of regen

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