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My test run.

Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:51 pm

I got my Leaf a little under a week ago. I have been doing basically my short commute and running errands with the car since then. Tonight, I wanted to try a bit further. I took my wife and daughter on a ride from my home in Cypress, CA to Monterey Park, CA. We went to a few different shops and out to dinner, Round trip was 51 miles. Had half my range left (bars and miles). Love this car. Also had wonderful Hong Kong style food and great boba. Got some herbs for my wife to make herbal soup.

Now this is what a Leaf was made for :)

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Re: My test run.

Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:04 am

It is so nice to hear you found some good food.

I am also glad the joy ride is back!!!

My trip today was a great place for no emission driving - The Angeles Crest Highway reopened Friday, so my wife and I went to MT WIlson and cruised with all the bicycle riders. They were greener than we were, but we didn't sweat! I also went about 50 miles with half a charge, and actually saw the battery go up a bar for the first time coming down the mountain! Got to love the regen capability.

At least two bike riders were overheard commenting that we were in a Leaf. Nice to be able to hear them while driving!
26,000 miles on Silver Leaf drive there on Sunday across a big mountain, sorry no public charging at this time.
Looking for grants to put in solar port so perhaps in the future...

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