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Re: Lassen Peak trip

Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:37 pm

Two more reports of Lassen Peak trips, close to 160 miles and ~11,600 ft of total ascent and descent (recharging once on the climb) since my last post almost a year ago, and the photos, maps, etc. I posted on the two previous pages are back up, for the moment...

Only one trip during the very short road opening last Summer, on 8/17/17, using an off-road shortcut to make the trip in 159.8 miles.

On 7/18/18 I made my first trip of 162.8 miles this season, with nearly the same total ascent and descent.

The Bridge over Oak Run Creek (yes, I know that's redundant) on Old Highway 44 (which by the looks of it, probably dates to the eruption and subsequent creation of Lassen Volcanic park) is being replaced, and I will have a ~three mile detour until ~ next November.

This detour may add only about three more miles, but the increase to ~115.2 miles on a single charge for the second leg of this trip pushes it right up to my personal comfort range for my eight-capacity-bar 2011.

Since this last trip illustrates why only fools take LBC reports of battery condition and available capacity seriously, I'll add some more details.

After my recharge, at ~4,000 ft of elevation, My LBC INCORRECTLY reported 14.1 kWh, ~13.6 available to turtle from my warm (~96F) pack, and quite close to the same INCORRECT value you get by multiplying the factory spec "24kWH" pack's available capacity of ~21.6 kWh by my LBC's current INCORRECT capacity report ~62.5%.

So, were I affected by the same mental disability of so many on this forum, of taking LBC reports of capacity seriously, I also would never have attempted this trip, and missed another beautiful day at the Park.

In fact, since I already knew from previous metered recharges that my pack now has ~16 kWh available (that's from a 70F-80F pack, and with that much warmer pack, somewhat more) from that "100%" charge, and has only lost ~22% to ~25% of capacity since delivery, I also knew I could make the trip.

Results reported from CW/NC for the final charge trip: ~112.5 miles, ~13.7 kWh.

As corrected by the 0.025 miles driven (CW/NC and nav screen) under report error, and ~12% kWh use underreport error (as calculated by recharge capacity from an external meter) I actually used ~15.3 kWh to drive ~115.2 miles, at ~ 7.5 m/kWh.

When I got home, my LBC reported 1.4 kWh remaining, or about 0.9 kWh available, for the rather improbable and INCORRECT LBC results of 9.1 m/kWh (115.2/12.7) for this trip.

I expect I actually had between one and one-point-five kWh left to turtle at the end of the trip, meaning I had about 16.5 kWh available from the warm pack when the trip began.

Since the entire trip took 23.1 CW/NC kWh, which, after correcting by multiplying by 1.12 is only ~25.9 kWh, I expect my next trip over the peak may well be on a single charge, whatever BEV I'll be driving next year.

Maybe I'll even splurge on some AC...
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