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Re: "typical" Miles/KWh figures for a couple scenarios?

Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:32 am

cwerdna wrote:Thanks for the replies.
Drivesolo, how about your figures? From the trip computer and not taking into account charging losses? Heh about WA. I've lived in the Eastside for >9 years and just moved back away from there recently...
My numbers were taken form the trip computer on the Leaf. The 3.1 & 4.3 mi/kWh is what I noted as the highest I've been able to achieve on my commutes up north after resetting at a point once I hit the minimum speed of traffic flow to when I let off the throttle upon exiting and in the case of my best mileage attempt; to the point where I called it quits.
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Re: "typical" Miles/KWh figures for a couple scenarios?

Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:40 am

cwerdna wrote:Consumer Reports for example at ... re-in.html" onclick=";return false; reported "On average we consumed 3.16 miles/kWh." Unclear to me if that's "good" or "poor" driving and whether that's energy coming out of the wall (I'd think so).
CR ia reporting wall-to-wheel.
While the Leaf has a dashboard display that shows power consumption in terms of miles per kWh, we couldn’t rely on that for our testing, just like we don’t rely on an average mpg trip computer display in a regular car. To measure its energy efficiency, we put the Leaf through exactly the same tests as we use for gasolie-powered cars. On average we consumed 3.16 miles/kWh. Using a standard formula developed by the EPA, that was the equivalent of 106 mpg.
So, their 3.16 ia more like 3.7 to 4. I'd say that is a typical m/kwh if you are doing highway driving with no particular effort at driving efficiently. That corresponds to about 80 miles of range.

Also, note that their range calculation is based on GOM - so not reliable.
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