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Re: Idea for better highway efficiency

Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:36 pm

edatoakrun wrote:
9. The Battery Roundtrip Efficiency is calculated by dividing the DC energy out of the battery (A) by the DC energy from the on-board charger into the battery (D).
If I understand correctly, much or all of the variation reported as "Battery Roundtrip Efficiency" could also be explained by variations in the "100%" charge allowed by the LEAF's BMS/LBC in the post test "100%" recharge session.

This is also, IMO, one of the most likely explanations for the lower recharge capacity shown by the LEAF following the higher-speed tests.
It does seem quite likely that the higher speed/power discharge tests simply didn't discharge the battery as deeply before cutoff, leading to the apparent increase in efficiency.

It seems like they should have repeated the tests to eliminate that error and that it's possible to discharge the pack more deeply by discharging the pack slower. Something I think we already knew!

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