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Re: Swop Reverse and Drive Positions on the Stick Shift

Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:01 pm

https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2017/ ... echnology/

If you have the freedom to redesign for an intuitive interface, I wonder what would be best? Reverse is usually only used zero or one time at the start, and again at the end of a drive (not often). If you are backing-up, you probably twist in your car seat (at least, I hope you're not relying 100% on the camera!). There could be a grab-handle to the right of the driver's seat, about where the parking brake is on some cars: when you twist around to look out the back window, grab the handle and squeeze a button to set the drive direction to reverse. This would simply produce a warning chime if the car is not already in Park. When reverse is actuated, for further confirmation, the car could play a "reverse" sound on the _inside_ of the car (you know... like your phone can play a separate sound for SMS messages from each of your kids?). A red LED on the dash could light; if the driver is looking forwards, it should be very hard to miss that the car is going to go backwards.

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Re: Swop Reverse and Drive Positions on the Stick Shift

Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:22 am

I just came to the forums for the first time to start a post about this and was gladdened to see this topic is already 10 pages long. The very first thing I noticed when driving this car was that the shift lever direction was counter-intuitive. I have made mistakes already (that fortunately didn't turn into an accident) over this. I guess I now have a lot of reading to do within this topic to see if anybody has actually succeeded in making this modification. There are some obvious downsides though:
1. Voiding the warranty
2. A 3rd party (e.g. a service tech) damaging your vehicle because he wasn't expecting this modification
3. Resale consequences
Anyway, I've got 9 other pages to read so I better get cracking.

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Re: Swop Reverse and Drive Positions on the Stick Shift

Sun Jan 05, 2020 2:39 pm

I agree, when you think about it, it doesn't make sense but personally, when I don't think about it, it comes naturally to me. I'm guessing it's because on a floor-mounted automatic, you pull back to go forward. True you also pull back to go back(in reverse) but on floor-mounted shifters I generally just pull right over R and go to D, then to get into R I end up going forward from D, just like the Leaf.
For someone not used to floor mounted automatics or first-time drivers, explaining why on the Leaf you push forward to go backward and pull backward to go forward doesn't make sense, I'll agree on that.
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