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Re: Nick's Leaf Recommendations (2013 SV)

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:43 am
by Jefe
nickandre wrote:
The problem with % is that right now my 100% on my leaf means 80% on a new vehicle because of battery deterioration, so it doesn't at all equate to range. The guess-o-meter is kWh multiplied by some undisclosed and changing efficiency value generated by witchcraft.

Just simply stating 18.9 kWh remaining would solve ALL these problems. Gas cars use stupid estimation gauges because the gas is sloshing around in the tank. Electrons don't slosh nearly as much.
Not denying that. But the assertion that gas cars somehow have it better just isn't true.

Re: Nick's Leaf Recommendations (2013 SV)

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:04 am
by arnis
Some information:

Leaf can regen up to 50kW but only with the help of brake pedal.
30kW is more reasonable because drivers should not have more deceleration
with normal driving. It also is a little bit better for battery (compared to 50kW
on every intersection and traffic light).

I believe Nissan intentionally dashed the range when it gets very low.
It turns out discharge to less than 3.5V per cell does more harm than
charging above 4V (80% charge). I think they tried to force users charge above
80% if users get down to VLBW.

Also it might be that decelerating to a stop using regen has negative effect on range.
Kinetic Energy = mass multiplied by speed squared. At 5mph there is nothing really left.
But accelerating form 0 to 5mph takes a lot of juice if pushing more than a third.
So for better range it is better to do the way they did. For more comfort it is better to do
they way we all want it to happen :D VW E-golf has exactly what we need.

Creep on the other hand should be an option. The way efficient acceleration should be
managed is by heavily limiting acceleration from standstill in ECO. Anything less than
2/3 of ECO pedal is more like 5-20kW power, not 30-40kW. But Nissan tried to hint that
using trees - nobody cares about those.