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Ability to view and/or set charge rate

Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:04 am

I've had a 2018 Leaf for about six months, and in that time we've taken multiple trips of ~300 miles in a day and two ~500 mile days. On long trips like that, the battery heats up and the quick charges after the first are significantly throttled (rapidgate, as has been covered extensively elsewhere). In the summer I typically got ~45kW for the first charge, 20-25kW for the second, and ~16kW for the third or higher session. Since this charge rate is set by the car, I would really like to see the maximum current charge rate displayed in one of the dash screens, so it is easier to plan charging stops. Yes, I can use LeafSpy to get the temperature and calculate the expected charging rate, but that's not always easy while driving. And, it would really help out people who are new to the car.

Even better would be if we could set the maximum charging rate ourselves. I'm not even asking for the ability to set it higher than the throttled rate, since I assume if we could do that Nissan would find a way for that to void our battery warranty. I'd like the ability to set the maximum charge rate to, say, 30kW for the first charge. That way if I am on a long trip and know I'm going to be doing multiple charging sessions I can keep the battery from getting into the red so quickly, and maybe get a higher average charge rate.
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