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Re: Let's Tell Nissan How To Fix Climate Control

Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:24 pm

EVDrive wrote:When I have the climate control on and I shut it off, it takes me from recirculated air to outside air automatically.
Don't choose outide air, let me keep the air recirculating. This bugs me daily. .

I agree entirely with this suggestion. I much rather want to use recirculating air for windshield defogging rather than be forced to use outside air. I realize that big brother Nissan decided that using outside air is the most efficient way to defog the windshield, but I have driven many other cars using recirculating air and it works just fine.

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Re: Let's Tell Nissan How To Fix Climate Control

Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:49 am

smkettner wrote:If it is cold out and I have the temp set high why Nissan do you illuminate the A/C light? Why not have two lights so we know what system is actually using power? And we could turn off the item we do not want running.

For instance I may have the temp set at 74 on a cool morning and press AUTO. But I don't need heat. I just want outside air to come in until the day warms the car and the cooling is needed. :|

I think an AUTO COOL and separate AUTO HEAT buttons would be better. Push both if you want both as I assume the car could figure out what system to run or stay off.
The thermostat for my home heat pump (Air conditioning + Heat + axillary resistant heat) has system modes of:


To add to that there is a set temp for HEAT and a set temp for COOL and it has a touchscreen interface.

If I know it will be warm later in the day putting the system in COOL keeps the heat from coming on when I don't want it. If I know it'll be cold later in the night putting the system in HEAT keeps the AC from coming on when I don't want it.

Now my car system doesn't need 7 days a week, 4 times a day presets (WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN, SLEEP) but adding a set temp for each mode and/or the ability to lock out a mode would be a simple change no matter how it's done.

The reality is the vast majority of the time I drive my car I don't need to vary the temp settings. I just want climate control to come on the minimal amount needed to keep it reasonably comfortable. Give me system mode lockouts and I'll disable heat in the summer and disable cooling in the winter. Give me two set points (temp for heat and temp for cool) and I won't even have to think about it.

Let the touchscreen be where you go in and set the initial temps and the dash or steering wheel buttons can increment temp up/down for the currently active mode or if none is active for the mode last used.
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