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Re: Can't play songs in order

Mon May 09, 2016 3:03 pm

Bob wrote:Then I took those same songs and renamed them by adding random numbers in front of the names. So instead of "My Baby.mp3", the name was "01 My Baby.mp3". Sure enough, it sorted the songs by the new number that I gave each song, not the alphabetic name of the song.

Then I took those same songs and renamed them again, this time by adding the words "USB Drive" in front of the name, so "01 My Baby.mp3" became "USB Drive 01 My Baby.mp3". This time, the Clarion played the USB in random order!!!!!

So it appears that the manual is wrong. It doesn't play based on order recorded. It plays based on a sort of the first few characters of the file name, but not the whole name.

Looks like there was an answer buried deep down here in the forums, but I "discovered" the same thing on my own today. Repost from another thread,
I drive a 2015 Leaf SV, and today... I stumbled onto a solution (at least for me)!!

I have many MP3 albums, always sorted by "Artist - ## - Title.mp3" which has never worked for me on a USB drive in my car. However, I recently added an album from my brother which was titled "##-artist - title.mp3" and that one folder played in correct order while all the others were still jumbled beyond recognition.

So I began sorting other folders with the same "## - Title.mp3" naming scheme... and it worked. I tried several folders, even a folder filled with NPR podcasts with nonsense file names, but as long as they have the ## prefix, they appear in order in the car. It seems the car actually CAN read files in order, just that it can't read the file name unless it STARTS with the organized file/track numbers.

Here is the folder from my computer,

Here is the dashboard in the car,

Let me know if anyone else tries this, and finds that it works for them as well.

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Re: Can't play songs in order

Fri May 20, 2016 4:45 pm

I went through a lot of this, but then someone here gave me the idea to plug in an iPod. I had an old iPod Touch around, and plugged it in.

The interface with that is much better. You can choose albums or artists, and more importantly, you can set up playlists.

So, consider buying a used iPod, even one that's broken. For example, this one works, but has a broken screen: ... Swd2xXPyJ-

I leave my iPod Touch plugged in and off. It works great. I put the device and cord in a black sock so someone won't break into the car to steal it.
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Re: Can't play songs in order

Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:42 pm

Thanks all for this thread!

I have some long audiobooks, and my problem was that I couldn't seek within an MP3, which is a real pain if I'm switching between cars. Yes, using my phone would be the "right" solution, but I prefer to use the flash sticks. So I used ffmpeg to split the books into 5-minute MP3 files, making it easy to get to within five minutes of where I left off in the other car. Everything was sorted nicely for a while, but then I set up a new stick and everything fell apart. I assumed it was due to the raw file order, so I tried fixing that, and it didn't help. The key as explained in one of the posts above is that the car is sorting the tracks by name, but it's only using the first 8 characters of the file name. They're probably using the Quicksort algorithm, which does not preserve the order for equal entries, so it essentially randomized my files when the sequence number wasn't in the first 8 characters.

Stripping off the part of the file names that was redundant with the directory names solved the problem, as that left the sequence number at the start.

Every car MP3 player seems to have weird limits, glitches, and misbehaviors. The key is to learn to understand and work with the quirks.

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