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Re: 2013 Leaf S Speaker replacement

Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:53 am

I am interested in how this works out with an S. I don't know much about car audio. Is it easy to install a component speaker up front (separate woofer + tweeter) and put the tweeter in the pillar, like on the SV and SL?

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Re: 2013 Leaf S Speaker replacement

Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:35 am

Sounds like a lot of ADOO about nothing. One should not be messing with a new car if you don't know what you are doing. This thread sounds like a bunch of teenagers making mods on their first S&^%box car. 1) I have the "S", know good sound, and they are good for being "stock". 2) If you want an audiophile system, PAY any stereo installer to make the changes.... SHEESH!

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Re: 2013 Leaf S Speaker replacement

Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:24 am

Infinity Kappa 60.11 CS (Component System) is on sale for $245 per pair on Crutchfield and on Infinity Car Audio retail site. The Infinity site says that they will fit and Crutchfield says that they will not fit. There is a mounting height clearance issue with the door panel/grille by a little over one tenth of an inch. The Infinity woofer will sit up slightly too far above the mounting surface to allow the door panels to fit properly back over them. It's often possible to overcome such a slight mounting height difference if you can find a way to space out the panel slightly or possibly file down the back of the stock grille integrated into the panel.

I have the Bose system in my 2016 Leaf SL, but its performance is still below expectations. The bass plays deeper/louder than the front speakers can effectively handle. It sounds like the music is coming from my feet. The tweeters do not do a good enough job of bringing the soundstage higher and foraward as they should. If you cover them, you'll certainly miss them, but the system needs something to bring the soundstage up and forward.

The Infinity Kappa tweeters reportedly have a much wider and lower frequency range than most other tweeters. I'm very much interested in getting these installed my Leaf along with sound deadening. ... ck#start=1
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