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Re: USB overrides source and starts from first song every time I start the car

Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:41 pm

This is my number one pet peeve with the Leaf. No sooner do I get my iphone plugged in than the Cinncinatti Pops version of the A-B-C song (I am a Children’s Librarian and I liked that song rill I heard it every single time I start my car). Then there is the fact that the font and labels for the songs and podcast folders are so small that my large fingers seem to miss my choices and choose the one before or after. Meaning you can’t even use it while driving without crashing the car and somehow that dammed A-B-C song starts up again.
Before I bought the car I knew I wuoldn’t be getting CarPlay but I didn’t think it would be so bad but it re@lly is driving me crazy and leaving me a little bitter and wishing I had a 2018 instead of a. 2018 or that I had bought an e-golf or something else. But the Leaf does everything else well especially the electric part of being an electric car.
My work around is to set everything up on my phone before I put the car In gear and then stay with whatever i’ve chosen till I get to my destination.
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Re: USB overrides source and starts from first song every time I start the car

Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:30 am

McGyver2020 wrote: I've found that the time to wait is pretty much EXACTLY 20 seconds, which is about at the point at which the phone connection message goes off.
I was getting tired of those random resets, but never looked into it. Now we know the work around, thanks to you!
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Re: USB overrides source and starts from first song every time I start the car

Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:30 am

The 20-second wait strategy doesn't work. Sometimes I wait the 20 seconds, it looks like the USB is loading and then it flashes a message to the effect that "no USB device fount". Then, a couple of seconds later it starts to load again and goes to track 1 of folder 1. But it's even worse than that: I tried to avoid the problem by turning off the sound when I stop the car and then starting it up again when after I've returned to the car and started driving. That doesn't work either: On two occasions, the sound system came on by itself and, you guessed it, it started playing track 1 on folder 1.

I took it to the dealer service department and the guy there had no clue.

My best guess is that it's some sort of adverse interaction between the blue-tooth connection and the loading of the USB player. The one seems to interfere with the other because the rewind always seems to happen right after the blue-tooth has finished connecting. I'm going to have to test this hypothesis by turning off my phone before I get into the car.

Does anyone out there have any further information about his annoying bug? Has Nissan been made aware of it? Do we know whether it applies to all units or only some selected ones? I'm inclined to press Nissan to replace mine under warranty.

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