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Android Nougat and Bluetooth Audio Streaming connect/reconnect issue

Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:30 pm

I have a issue with my 2016 Leaf SL. I have a MotoX 2014 with LineageOS. The first release of LineageOS was rock solid on Bluetooth! problems with my Pebble watch disconnecting disappeared and bluetooth on all audio devices was perfect. Sometime in the last couple of months I started having problems with the Bluetooth streaming in the Leaf. The phone portion is still rock solid and if I turn off audio streaming I have no issues. When I do connect steaming everything works perfect for about 60 seconds and then the bluetooth audio disconnects from the Leaf with a onscreen message from the Leaf saying that the phone disconnected. After about 15 to 30 seconds the audio will reconnect and the cycle repeats.
If I go to the bluetooth connection and turn off media stream. The phone works perfect for calls and texting.
I have tried all of the following without any changes in the behavior.
  • Deleting the bluetooth pairing on both the phone and the Leaf.
    Resetting network settings on the phone.
    Booting the phone in safe mode and pairing to the car.
    Turning off bluetooth scanning.
I suspect this could be related to the recent issues the Pixel and Nexus devices are having with bluetooth since the February security update, but the behavior is different. Users of those phones are reporting trouble staying connected at all. My wifes iPhone has no issues.

My other hypothesis is that it is totally Leaf related. Has anyone else seen this behavior with Bluetooth streaming?

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