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2011 SL Stereo harness for Navigation

Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:45 pm

So I upgraded all 4 speakers in my SL to Infinity, and boy are they power hungry. I have the stereo at 1/2 volume to listen at normal level. I want to install a 4ch amp, but prefer not to tap the original wire harness if I can avoid it. Mine has the backup camera, navigation, XM, timer controls, etc.etc.

I’d like to preserve all the original features in the harness. Where could I find the right one? I see some available out here, but hey appear to be for after market use. I want a pass-through adapter that I can splice into for the speakers. Later on, I may end up tapping into the rear-view camera to upgrade to Dashcam.

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Re: 2011 SL Stereo harness for Navigation

Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:59 am

Without seeing yours versus mine, the '18 has a connector that is relatively common, though I had to repin it to make it work. You might want to pull the passenger side panel to get to the amp, and stop by your local specialty shop to see if they can help you identify what you need. Mine was a Metra 70-7302 Hyundai harness (it comes with two connectors, I only used the "speaker" one) and soldered on some RCA tips to feed the signal to the amp. This path will help you get exactly what you want, all OEM functions of the radio still work, you just get better sound with a more powerful amp. I can email or text some pics of mine if that helps.

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