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Activating Siri via Steering Wheel over Bluetooth in 2019 Leaf?

Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:40 am

Hi everyone,

We're new to the Leaf but are loving it thus far. We're driving a 2019 Leaf SV (which has Apple CarPlay support) with the technology package. When using our iPhones plugged in with CarPlay activated, Siri works as expected: holding the voice command button triggers Siri and the recognition from the microphones is fantastic. But sometimes we're fine with just having the phone paired via Bluetooth to do things like play music, and I find that the car no longer triggers Siri in that circumstance, instead relying on its own voice recognition system... which seems to be incapable of interfacing with the iPhone for a lot of tasks.

There is a thread on this forum about the topic, but it's quite old (discussing iPhone 4's). I've looked online and found that Nissan does have a document about setting this up on some of their vehicles, but it's either outdated or vehicle-specific and excludes the Leaf because I tried to follow their guide and our Leaf doesn't seem to have the option of triggering Siri with any button.

It'd be a bit of a bummer if we're forced to plug the phone in every time in order to have Siri accessible without touching the phone, itself. I also have a hard time believing that in the year 2019, when smartphones are so prominent and "virtual assistants" are 7+ years old, that it's not possible to have this happen... and as such, I figured I'd ask you all before I gave up entirely. If it's impossible to have the voice activation button trigger Siri, do you all have any tips about improving compatibility with iPhones? The key functionality I use Siri for in the car is for changing music playlists, reading text messages to me, and dictating text message responses.

Thanks for any thoughts and advice you can provide!

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