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iPhone Volume issues

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:44 am
by jshaver
I have a 2020 Leaf. This is the 4th leaf I have owned and never had this issue prior to this one. When I connect my iphone via bluetooth it readjusts the volume of the Leaf to the volume of the ringer on the phone and links the two together. I generally have my ringer volume set to 75-100% on the phone. When I am in the car and get a text, the ding is excruciatingly loud. I turn the car volume down to a reasonable 10-25% via the buttons or the twist knob. The rest of the car ride is fine for volume. However, when I get out of the car, I now miss many phone calls and texts because the car changed the ringer volume to the 10-25%.

Like I said, I have never had this issue, even with the 2018 model I turned in for the 2020 model. I also don't have this problem with any rental car I link my phone too via bluetooth. This problem is specifically with the 2020 Leaf I am leasing.

I do not use Carplay because I frankly have no desire in the year 2020 to plug my phone into the car everytime I get in/out and have a cord constantly plugged in (unless while I am charging the phone on longer trips)... big disappointing miss for Nissan...

Suggestions here?

Re: iPhone Volume issues

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:58 pm
by Learjet
In sounds and Haptics I have my ring volume set to disable change with buttons. I still can change the volume from this screen...but I never do. That leaves my phone at a fixed volume. I use the switch on the side if I need to mute the ring.