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WAVE Rally 2014(Need a Nissan Leaf in GERMANY)

Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:54 pm

Hello There,
I am a fan of the Nissan electric car, and have been driving this from a local electric car pool here in Helsingborg,Sweden.(" onclick=";return false;)

I am need of a Nissan leaf for the WAVE electric car rally to be held from May 30 to June 08.
Staring from Munich and ending in Switzerland." onclick=";return false;

Is there anybody here in the forum from Germany who would be interested in Renting out the LEAF for these 10 days.
Would be happy if I get a NISSAN LEAF, but if that cannot happen, would be happy to drive any other electric car.
The purpose of the rally is to show to the world that ELECTRIC mobility is certainly a possibility.

I m currently in the UK and would be here for for another couple of months.

Please reply if anybody here has any details or leads of folks in Germany owning or knowing anyone who could rent out electric cars.

Have a nice day all of you.

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Re: WAVE Rally 2014(Need a Nissan Leaf in GERMANY)

Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:12 pm

You're the first person I've seen post anything about WAVE here in the USA.

Sorry, I don't have a LEAF in Germany, but I do know a few LEAF drivers who have driven our equivalent rally here in the USA:" onclick=";return false;

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