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5 minutes with… radio DJ and first ever UK Nissan LEAF owner

Thu May 12, 2011 5:58 pm ... k-goodier/
I was fascinated when Nissan’s Francois Bancon [General Manager of Exploratory & Advance Product Department] described to me this vehicle four years ago as a ‘strategy correction’, which is the first time I’d heard a major company use a phrase like that.
But I’ve never let this [the LEAF] go below 18 miles [left to go] and I only have to charge this once or twice a week because I’m only doing about 20 miles a day. So, I’ve not had range anxiety in it.
Having said that, I haven’t driven the Tesla, and I would love to drive it. And you know the Nissan prototype they’ve got [the ESFLOW]…. Francois Bancon said that’d be a £30,000 car. If Nissan in five years have that as a £30,000 car and Tesla have the Roadster as £40,000 because they have to [in order to compete], and if they ramp up production, then maybe.
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