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Wheel/Tires for '16 Leaf SV - Validation Needed

Fri Dec 16, 2016 1:44 pm

My understanding is that the stock wheel/tire for the '16 Leaf SV is as follows:

Bolt Pattern
5x114.3mm = 5x4.5 inches
Stock Tires
215/50R17 90V = 25.5X8.5R17

I am looking at purchasing a gently used set of winter wheels/tires that are as follows from a Hyundai that have TPMS sensors.

P215/50/17 r17 Tire on the standard 5 lug, 5x114.3 (5x4.5") bolt pattern wheel.

My questions:

1. Will the used wheel/tire work on my vehicle such that I can just swap the wheels on the Leaf off and put these used ones on?
2. Any chance those TPMS sensors would work with the Leaf?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Re: Wheel/Tires for '16 Leaf SV - Validation Needed

Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:10 pm

The TPMS sensors will probably work, but I would check with a tire shop to see if they are brand specific. If they will work, there is a pairing process that needs done so the car will recognize them. You can do this, if you have Leaf Spy Pro.

Along with the size and bolt pattern, you need to watch the offset on the wheels. If they are not deep enough, they will rub or bind against the brake assembly (also, the front brakes are bigger than the rear). Test fit one of the wheels on the front, to see if they will work.
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Re: Wheel/Tires for '16 Leaf SV - Validation Needed

Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:32 pm

The center bore of the Hyundai wheels will probably be 67.1mm. For the Leaf it is 66.1mm.

So just 1mm. difference. I think that would still keep the wheels as essentially hub-centric w/o adding a plastic spacer.
(But it might not have worked going the other way - Leaf wheels on a Hyunda.)

Offset of the Hyundai wheels is probably in the 50 - 53 range versus 46 for the Leaf, so they will sit about 1/4" further in.
Not ideal, but close enough I would think.

I wouldn't be too hopeful that the TPMS sensors will be recognized/programable by the Leaf, but you never know.
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