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Re: Installing diesel parking heater in Leaf's trunk

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:47 am
by Oilpan4
Alright so my original estimate of 500 miles per gallon of diesel is probably very realistic.
PaulSp wrote:Keep in mind i have the 2kw version not the 5kw. The 5kw will use more.

I also calculated it is actually cheaper to heat the car with diesel thsn with electricity.

I use about 1kwh per 40km.
So per 300km ~7.5 kwh.

7.5kwh at 23 eurocent cost me 1.7 euro
A liter of diesel is about 1.30 euro.
Same for me here in dirty newmexico USA.
Propane and non-road taxed diesel are a little cheaper to heat with than electricity.
(Unless the "electric heater" in question is actually a heat pump)