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Re: Charging Etiquette - What Would You Recommend?

Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:24 pm

The only real etiquette is to either stay with your car, or have an app that honks at you
when you are charged... and leaving a note in the window saying when you will likely be done !

How about the folks who are just using it as a parking space !

I love the all day Volt Parkers... WTF ? !

Oh man, I am so glad I seldom have to charge at public EVSE's. !

Even getting a couple of years free charging from Nissan has not made it worth the aggravation.

The worst one I have used is located in a shopping center with department stores.
The ladies will leave a car parked for hours, attached to a 30 minute quick charger !

I saw a couple fast charge, then sit in the spot eating sandwiches and talking on their cell phone long after they were done.
Meanwhile, I am trying to drag a cord 2 spots over from the EVSE to get going.
Only in an emergency will I go to this place.. because 3 times I have seen this crap..
and had to go elsewhere.

When the offender is a plug in hybrid.. I get more than frosted.
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