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Re: 2011 Silver for sale with right front corner dmg- make offer

Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 8:42 am
by DuncanCunningham
powersurge wrote:I'm retiring from this site...

It seems that every conversation ends with an argument and a "Whose got the biggest (AND MOST PRECISE) dick contest"..
i agree, it's horrible sometimes here. who people have the time of day to sit there and pile in with hate through post responses is beyond me. When I think someone is pumping up for a fight I try to resist the urge to engage them.. you only end up going down to their level.

I've refered a few people to this website to only find out later that they were turned off by the bickering and nastiness that some like to sling at each other. we are supposed to be on the same side and helping each other.. (same side as in 'humanity').

stick around powersurge, we need you here too.