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(USA) FS: cheap "China brand" EVSE with adjustable current, $130 shipped

Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:57 pm

I bought this Southking SK-EV16 last summer, and have only used it twice. Its condition is almost "like new", but its connector has rough scraped edges since I dropped it on driveway. I am asking for $130 total, shipped, to contiguous US. I have photos, but it seems attachments are not allowed in marketplace.

I chose it for its adjustable pilot current feature, enabling use on existing 15A circuits, and being ready for future improved wiring. What I did not know when I bought it is, it defaults to 16A setting. To change current setting requires some patience: depressing a button lasting a few seconds followed by a few quick presses. Also, it is not as weather resistant as I had hoped. Unlike bundled "granny charge cords", which are very water resistant, the Southking SK-EV16 lacks an O-ring or gasket sealing its control box. I bought SK-EV16 intending to leave it on ground, but I am not confident it will survive. The originally equipped Nissan/Panasonic brick is doing fine there, exposed to puddle, splash, and snow.

What else to know about SK-EV16: it does not feature RCD/CCID nor GCM/GMI. This means it does not require a grounding/grounded outlet: it can be used with any old mains receptacle, even ungrounded "two prong outlets", with a ground-cheater plug adapter. It will not refuse to operate, in contrast to the original supplied Nissan/Panasonic 120V EVSE which does have GCM. As for lacking RCD/CCID: one can always use a cord-inline GFCI. (Modern electrical code requires garage and outdoor convenience outlets to be RCD protected anyway, so incorporating an RCD/CCID in every single EVSE sold is redundant.)

Compare to ASIN B08D8XWJ1H (has a black connector), but with white J1772-2009 connector.
manufacturer's Web page.

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Re: (USA) FS: cheap "China brand" EVSE with adjustable current, $130 shipped

Thu Oct 01, 2020 3:51 pm

Interesting, the Amazon listing is a real hot mess IMO. No mention of adjustable current instead just talks about 16a charging on a 5-15(regular 15a US plug)!! if you say it's adjustable we'll have to believe you, it does say "85-265V, 10/20A" which indicates it will work between 85 and 265v?? and will output 10-20a but other than this does not explain how to adjust the current nor does it mention that feature anywhere else in the description nor the one single review.
To me reading the description I'd say it looks like any of the other Chinese 120/240v 16a fixed amp chargers on Amazon but what you describe sounds nicer. Note unlike others on MNL I have nothing against the Cheap Chinese EVSEs, I own a couple and the adjustable feature would make it well above most of the fixed 16a ones I see, question, does it indeed go up to 20a or is that incorrect in the listing?

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Re: (USA) FS: cheap "China brand" EVSE with adjustable current, $130 shipped

Thu Oct 01, 2020 4:07 pm

OP has to be one of the most transparent and informative adverts ever.


By the way, what kind of plug ?
Max amperage ?

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Re: the listing is a mess and does not explain how to adjust the current

Sat Oct 03, 2020 2:17 pm

jjeff wrote:
Thu Oct 01, 2020 3:51 pm
Interesting, the Amazon listing is a real hot mess …
No mention of adjustable current … does not explain how to adjust the current …
question, does it indeed go up to 20a or is that incorrect in the listing?
Indeed, the merchant behind B08D8XWJ1H (SK-EV16 with black J1772-2009 connector) did not create a nice catalogue page. I did buy mine from Amazon, sold by MICTUNING, who did make a proper page to show it off. It is ASIN B07QWRSMF5 "MICTUNING Level 2 EV Quick Charger", basically just a SK-EV16 with "MICTUNING" sticker on white J-connector. I guess MICTUNING wasn't happy with pace of sales, so when they finished selling what they had, I guess they closed the listing rather than restock. It is gone from, but its photos can be found on
( )

Here it is from a merchant on AliExpress. It comes with an Engrish instuction leaflet. Basically how to use it: with cord-set uncoupled from vehicle, depress its "SET " button until 2-digit 7-segment ampere display blinks. Then each press of the button will cycle the setting in increasing order, starting from default 16A: 20, 10, 13, 16 again, etc. As soon as desired max.current is flashing/blinking, charge connector/J-plug can be inserted. After a few seconds pass since last press, user's selected current level will be set and stop blinking. User's preference is retained as long as EVSE/control-box is powered, no matter how many times vehicle is coupled/disconnected. But if power is lost, even a one second outage, then pilot allowable current is reset to 16 ampere.

For my scenario, a 15A branch circuit and outdoors, it is too inconvenient to need to check it every time I need to plug-in. In rain or bitter winter, I want to plug-and-run to indoors; not bend down to hold down a button, and press it three more times.

SK-EV16 has a LED or O-LED display (I don't know what's technically correct), so it is readable even while wearing polarised sunglasses. But it is a scanning-type of display, which means it strobes (100% flicker).

Its idle power consumption is two and a half watts. (Compare to Panasonic / Nissan 29690-3NF0A: one watt. Compare to GM/Chevy Bolt/ClipperCreek cord, three watt.)

As we all know, J1772 uses an analog pilot signal, not precise digital symbol transmission, so vehicle electrical current is nominal, not exact. My specimen announces allowable current slightly lower than nominal, at least at 10 and 13 amp setting. (My power meter's maximum current is 15 amps, and its overcurrent protection trips when I tried to test 16A.) When set to 10A, vehicles draw nine point something. When set to 13A, our LEAF draws 12 A and Bolt draws 12,5 A. I used it to charge Chevrolet Bolt from empty, which took longer than sixteen hours, on same circuit as a food freezer, and breaker did not trip. So I am not the least bit concerned about its nominal "13 A" rating rather than obeying the "80% rule 12 A". I tested it one time set to 16A, on 15A branch circuit, and circuit breaker did not trip within three hours, when I ended test. When set to 20A, breaker tripped in three to five minutes.

Yes, I think so, SouthKing Technology Co's SK-EV16 does allow up to twenty amperes. I guess nineteen and one half. :-)

Its cord stock is 3×2.5mm² + 2×0.5mm²; that's between 13 and 14 A.W.G., plus an extra wire. This five wire cord is useful for modifications: adding an LED to J-plug "nozzle", or making a super long inlet cord to the not-cheap EVSEs which have a thermocouple in their inlet plug. Its J1772 cord is 21 feet long.

Inside SK-EV16 control box, all incoming and outgoing wires are soldered, and there is really no room for hacks and mods. Control box brick is 2 by 3 by 9 inches (max length includes cable glands).
SageBrush wrote:By the way, what kind of plug ?
Max amperage ?
Inlet plug is NEMA 6-20P. Inlet cord is two and a half feet. I replaced it with a 6-15P for my use, but reverted to its 6-20P. Let me know if you want 5-15P or 6-15P: I have them both on-hand. Comes with a 5-15P to 6-20C converter cord, 1¼ feet long. So total stretched straight line length from a 5-15R is twenty-five feet.

They say up to twenty amperes, but I am not equipped to measure it. 16 as default.

I considered keeping it for future indoor use on a 225GFI breaker. But it'll be longer than a year before I can set that up, and it's been longer than one year in my possession already! I am guilty of wasting resources, wasting our planet, on this material thing in disuse. I decided to let somebody else use it ASAP, rather than possess it any longer.

One last comment: it is sold as a travel cord, with a zipping travel case. But take my word for it: fitting it in its case is completely impractical. Might as well stuff it in a drawstring sack, messy but fast, and launder-able. With its case, it is better thought of as a desperation charge solution, rather than an "Occasional Use Charge Cord" or for regular family visits. Its case would be perfect for my multimeters and test leads, so if whoever buys this doesn't want its case, then let me know.

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